We were asked to create a visual & brand identity for the village of Blackrock, Co.Louth.

We were approached by the Tourism Development Committee, to volunteer our services as a local design studio who had an interest in creating a unique brand for a community which we are a part of.

Blackrock village has a culture of hospitality and family lifestyle values.

A key design consideration was to preserve and protect this ‘Blackrock way of life’ for future generations to experience and enjoy.

The developed brand identity for Blackrock should be a true reflection of what it has to offer – An escape to a beautiful part of Ireland, a sanctuary. We wanted to create a brand identity which intrigues, rather than deceives, humble and honest.


Since 1752, a lot has changed, however, one feature which has remained the same over time is the coastal terrain.

We decided to use this as the inspiration for the identity and specifically began by focusing on the Sedimentary rocks which adorn the beach.