PC Repair Centre is a long run family business based in Dundalk. For years, they have been the ‘go to’ people for everything IT and Computer support related.

As the company has evolved, reflecting the change in a dynamic and constantly developing industry, they required a re-branding and creation of an innovative and relevant design to reflect their offering of a full and highly informed service to a wide range of problems, no matter how big or small.


This diverse range of daily tasks though, has somewhat diluted the ‘brand’ and muddled the focus or end goal for what they have wanted to achieve as the business has grown.

The need for change as encapsulated in the requirement for the companies image or brand to be re-visited and re-aligned in keeping with what this ‘new’ iteration of the company is developing into. Using the tagline ‘Support you can rely on’ we went about creating a modular branding suite, using the binary code concept of ‘dot–dash’, along with a literal reference to the circuitry within a computer itself.