Shaping a durable future for Union; a designer and manufacturer of strength training equipment.

van Dijk Architects β€”
How to take a drawing and make a brand.

Altering the perception of Blackrock, by carving an authentic identity; inspired by it’s rugged landscape.

Working with Viatel to create the link between people, businesses and countries.

Making Hench a platform for athletes to succeed.

Arcadian Field; evoking an intimate festival experience.

Understanding and defining space for McArdle Doyle.

An architectural brand mark for Emmet Holland.

Creating something familiar for ilk, the new irish clothing brand.

Reflecting the bold output of Studio And with a striking and playful visual identity.

An identity inspired by light and shadow within the built environment for McGahon Architects.

Unglu-d – Building the home of the gluten free community.

Honouring a Dublin street poet whom the Zozimus bar takes its name from.

Re-defining the audience for Brigid Teevan; a relationship and sexuality educator.

Visualising the Blackrock Strategy journey so far.

Avril Flynn is a midwife and childbirth educator, offering more than just antenatal support.

Making learning fun for Louth Science Festival.

Interpretative typographic brochures for a variety of exhibitions curated by Creative Spark.

Finding a balance of both heart and head for Turas.

How a 100 year old font inspired Black Mountain.

Support you can rely on – Dash.